About cattery

The cattery "Home Panter" offers British Shorthaire and Scottish Fold kittens with excellent blood. We guarantee that by the time of sale your kitten will be accustomed to the toilet and will be happy to eat dry food. He also has a veterinary passport with the necessary vaccinations, he is socialized and contact. We can offer you British shorthair and British Longhaire kittens, Scottish Fold, Highland Fold, Scottish Strait and Highland Strait.

Whichever breed of kitten you choose a kitten, he will undoubtedly become the most favorite member of your family. Wool of a Scottish cat soft plush is very pleasant to the touch, huge round eyes, sweet expression of a muzzle and, of course, ears which are almost completely lost in wool, very few people remained indifferent, looking at this miracle. They are both active, funny, like to play. Love affection, with pleasure sit next to you or on your knees, some come to massage with their soft paws. Kind, like everyone, adults, children, animals, very easily get along. Scottish Fold and British Shorthair are wonderful breeds, for families with children and without children, with other animals and without them.

We have been breeding Scottish cats since 2005, the "Home Panter" cattery is registered through the WCF system.

If you are interested in these breeds and want to get to know them better, welcome to the site.